Review: Liar


Title: Liar
Author: E. Jade Lomax
Series: The Alliance Trilogy
Language: English
Publication Date: April 2014
Source: Kindle

Liar by E. Jade Lomax is the second book in The Alliance Trilogy, following several characters on varying sides of conflict rising in the land of Neria.

The writing style in this series remained as consistently good from the first book, Sneak, but showed clear growth and even better structure and pacing. Gabrielle’s development was one of my favourite aspects, with Sasha’s at a very close second: seeing both of the sisters consider things in a new light was very powerfully written and affecting. I really liked Gregory’s role too, but sorely missed his scenes with Sasha and Will: one of the highlights of the first book for me. It was a shame to see less of them in this one – however, the interactions he had with other characters were nothing less than excellent.

The midpoint of the series, Liar takes the cast from Sneak to new situations, pushing them into new tests and scenarios, even more so than the first book. You can really get a feel for how the conflict in the land is rising in the second of the series; it creates great build up for the third book but keeps you turning the page in the second too. The parallels in scenes and character remained fantastic and highlighted individual development all the more. I also especially loved the chapter titles and how they were linked to the content of each.

I preferred the first just a little bit more because I missed so many of the interactions between characters who didn’t have as many scenes together in the second, but the quality of the writing and the character growth was just so good that it is only by a very slight margin that I prefer Sneak. I’m really looking forward to reading the conclusion to the series in Traitor, but at the same time I want to wait a while because I know I’ll be so sad when it is over.


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